Angelique de Paris
Angélique de Paris introduces a new and exquisite collection in their signature translucent resin sprinkled with dazzling genuine gemstones. The designer's philosophy is to embellish women with luxurious high-style and richness both in design and color.

Five Years ago, three friends had an idea. With 75 years of combined experience, they set their sights on a common goal: a manufacturing facility to create exquisite anniversary and eternity bands. And a unique business philosophy.
The Armadani difference has always been to listen to their retail partners, to understand and honor their needs. Speed, quality, and price are the main concerns, but how do we transform this input into reality, they thought.

“Founded in New York in 1850, ArtCarved began as a manufacturer of high quality and uniquely styled wedding bands and engagement rings. We first entered the class ring business in 1920, bringing to it our expertise as makers of fine gold and platinum jewelry. Since that time, ArtCarved has emerged as the class ring industry innovator, bringing more new styles, features and options to the class ring consumer.”

“B & N wedding bands are individually hand crafted with engraving patterns inspired by the look of the past. These designs have an elegant appearance with English, French, Irish and Spanish influences and other traditional and contemporary designs. B & N has been creating hand engraved wedding bands for over 30 years in London, England. Each ring is deeply engraved and includes the markings of the British Assay office guaranteeing your carat of gold as well as location and year of manufacture.”

“Chains, bracelets, earrings, rings… refer to geometrically simple forms, to the linearity of primary mechanical movements, in precise and aesthetically pleasing harmonies of rhythms and designs which make the Baraka’ brand immediately recognizable.”

“Backed by over seventy-five years experience as a manufacturer of fine jewelry, Breuning commitment to excellence in both quality and design, progressive management, dedicated employees and strong presence in global markets have contributed to its continued success and serve as direction for the future.

Christopher Designs
“As a young jeweler's apprentice in Europe, Christopher Slowinski was always enamored with the almost magical beauty of invisible set diamonds, and set out to improve this style of setting. After years of search and drawing on his background as a master jeweler and skilled lapidary, Christopher Slowinski developed a new technique for creating invisible set jewelry. This technique is so innovative an U.S. patent protects it. In fact, in the entire world there are only two jewelers to ever be issued a patent for invisible set jewelry, Van Cleef & Arpels and Christopher Designs.”

Christian Bauer
“Poetry... Life has waited for this moment... The world pauses for a brief heartbeat... And then begins to turn anew... Revolving around love... The language of the heart... Words, as precious as gold and platinum... Unique as a diamond... Keep your promises with wedding rings by Christian Bauer... In the symbol of love...”

House of Baguettes
"House of Baguettes was based on craftsmanship and artistry. We acheived our success by bringing you the finest quality and the most impeccable jewels. And we will continue developing the most breathtaking designs with unsurpassed service and quality, constantly enlarging our collection of the finest jewelry in the world."

"In this perfect moment, the two of you become one. After the wedding festivities have become loving memories preserved forever in the photo album, a reminder of your special day remains on your hand. The wedding band is your eternal promise to each other, and its elegance, beauty and permanence should be as unique as the two of you are."

Martin Flyer
“50 years ago, Martin Flyer began a manufacturing firm specializing in fine diamond jewelry that would continue to advance and thrive through three generations. 
Designs by Martin Flyer are known throughout the industry as a quality maker of fine semi-mounts that has found its niche in bridal jewelry. Designs by Martin Flyer have become a leader in platinum jewelry, focusing on timeless, classic styles. Such styles include four prong and semi-bezel diamond line bracelets, three stone semi-mounts of all shapes (including our one, two, and three tapered baguette semi-mounts with strong sturdy shanks and hand crafted heads of all sizes), as well as eternity bands and other classics to match our semi-mounts. Plus earrings and necklaces in a variety of classic styles.”

Michael M.

“We encourage you to take the privilege in sharing the passion for jewelry with Michael M. We have associated with great clients to service a vast pool of loyal patrons. Our cooperation has broadened our reach allowing millions the opportunity to experience and enjoy the creative and superior craftsmanship of Michael M. Our engagement rings remain the symbol of connection that joins generations. Our high end diamond jewelry will be more than a commodity; it will be the emblem of the beginning of new lives and new families. Treat yourself with jewelry that lasts a lifetime. Discover the beauty of excellence, Discover Michael M.”

The freshest and most innovative designer in bridal today, offers the finest collection in precious metal and diamonds. Combining classic beauty and flawless quality, Ritani offers timeless designs that can be worn everyday.

“SAURO has leapt forward in the jewelry industry, placing itself a cut above the rest by giving back to gold its naturalness, announcing its natural characteristics such as light, color, and body and therefore revitalizing with originality its malleability.
What makes SAURO jewelry a true innovation in the jewelry industry is in essentiality its design - originality in its shapes together with SAURO's ability to execute each and every piece with the up most accuracy and technical knowledge.”

“For 25 years, Tacori has been regarded as an innovator in design, creation and marketing of fine jewelry.
Jewelry that makes more than a fashion statement it underscores your discriminating taste and sense of style.
Beyond style, Tacori stands for uncompromising quality and lasting value. When you want elegantly crafted jewelry designed for the way you love, Tacori has just what you’re looking for!”

Timeless Designs
“Timeless Designs L.L.C.has complete design and manufacturing facilities for some of the newest and innovative designs on the market today.
They specialty is the latest trend of Platinum Jewelry.”

Wright & Lato
“Wright and Lato have captured the aristocratic elegance in every one of their wedding band designs. If you're the romantic type take a gander at their Romantic Platinum engagement rings and matching wedding bands. These rings are hand chiseled by master goldsmiths. The design of the Comfort Fit ring is such that there is a very slight concave inner surface that keeps the ring firmly in place while you golf, fish, hunt, ski or run.”

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